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Dresser: DresserDrawer storage for keeping clothes. Dressers come in many styles and forms having one, two or three sections of storage.
Dresser & Mirror: Dresser and MirrorA dresser with a mirror either attached or hung on the wall above the dresser.
Vanity: VanityA low dresser like table with a mirror or mirrors attached. Vanities can include stools and are ideal for sitting while applying makeup or dressing.
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Doors: A wood or framed glass panel, usually hinged or sliding that covers a storage opening.
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Traditional: Calm, orderly, and conventional. Traditional style is functional and uncomplicated furniture pieces. However, there are many traditional pieces that adhere to the non-trendy design principle, while still being appropriate for a formal space.
Contemporary: Contemporary style boasts clean lines and unique shapes. You will notice neutral elements accentuated by bold colors and geometric patterns. Contemporary style holds both casual and formal appeal.
Casual: Warm, comfortable and inviting. Casual style is defined by simple details and neutral colors. Textured elements of fabrics, along with softer choices wood finish, creates a comfortable atmosphere. You may notice accent details on there pieces such as ruffles, pleats, and buttons.
Cottage: Cottage Styles are popular for their vintage good looks and romantic feel. Using painted pieces, pale floral fabrics, and pretty accessories, the cottage look can take many forms. The overall effect is charming and comfortable
Mission: Furniture made mostly from oak and marked by simplicity and durability. Design is usually rectangular.
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Cherry Grove 45th (by American Drew)
Cottage Grove (by Vaughan Furniture)
Storehouse Collection (by Legends Furniture)
B7067 (by Furniture Brands, Inc.)
Tuscano (by Kincaid Furniture)
Paddock (by Pinewood International)
Carriage House (by Sunny Designs)
Brooklyn (by Handstone)
Platinum (by Elements International)
Rustic Hills (by Vaughan Bassett)
Rustic Hills (by Vaughan Bassett)
Rustic Hills (by Vaughan Bassett)
Manuscript (by Thomasville®)
Manuscript (by Thomasville®)
Livingston (by Kith Furniture)
Mont Blanc (by Alf Italia)
Wildfire (by Kincaid Furniture)
Fur Elise (by Millcraft)
Soliloquy (by Universal)
C7131A (by Lifestyle)
C7131W (by Lifestyle)
Jasper County (by Trisha Yearwood Home Collection by Klaussner)
Jasper County (by Trisha Yearwood Home Collection by Klaussner)
Highland Court (by Liberty Furniture)
#myRoom (by Smartstuff)
#myRoom (by Smartstuff)
Palm Island (by Fine Furniture Design)
Perina (by Crown Mark)
9142 (by Lifestyle)
Elise (by Kincaid Furniture)
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